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Bucks Nights, Kink Events, and Private Parties.

In addition to online and real-time sessions,

I also sell wearables.

See the SHOP page for all current & available wares,

or email to learn more.

For the lucky few, I will accept special requests.


You'll never know if you don't dare to ask.


If you believe yourself to be worthy, reach out.



Include your name, location, session type/duration, and a few proposed times/dates.

I will be in touch.

Alternatively, complete the booking form below.

NOTE: All real-time sessions require a $200/hr deposit, to be paid upon confirmation of booking. This amount is deducted from the session total, securing the dungeon/hotel, and reserving my time. Online sessions are to be paid in full prior to the session.

Payment Methods: BeemIt, Paypal, Crypto, Only Fans tip, Wishtender, ATM Cardless Cash Withdrawal, or a Cash Meet



$350 per hour


$400 per hour



(incl. Foot Worship/Domination & C B T if desired)
$450 per hour


Party Entertainment
$400/hr (Outcalls only)

General Outline: 

  • Light humiliation of 1-2 participants (collared, paddled, blindfolded, bound, and gagged etc.) 

  • Crowd participation 

  • Body shots 

  • Burlesque number


All online sessions are conducted via my private Discord server

$100/hr text only.
$200/hr text and voice.
$250/hr full audio visual.

NOTE: Due to the current QLD Legislation I cannot list a full, comprehensive Session Menu here. 

If what you crave is not listed above, or mentioned in PROTOCOLS below, then you may enquire.

WARNING: If you ask for a service I explicitly state I do NOT offer, you will be dismissed.

No ifs, not buts, no coconuts.

Your abysmal reading comprehension is none of my concern.


My rules are simple. Obey them or face immediate dismissal.

- You do not have access to my body in any capacity; hands and feet are to be kept to yourself unless given permission to do otherwise.

- My safety is top priority. Submissive screening is mandatory therefore new clients may be asked to provide proof of ID. Complain and you will be dismissed, no exceptions.

- The Cient intake form, I.D. and full deposit is to be submitted no later than 48hrs prior to a first session unless otherwise agreed upon.

[The form will be emailed to first-timers.]

- Hygiene is paramount; be sure to be freshly showered, douched, with teeth and hair brushed. No strong colognes or scented douche products.

- Black nitrile gloves may be worn during parts of the session, for both sensation and hygiene purposes. 

- I will not engage in any form of play that involves expelled bodily fluids such as vomit and scat.

Minimal blood, saliva, urine, and semen may be present at my discretion but fluids are never to be exchanged between us.

- I am a professional Dominatrix, not an escort. The only one being penetrated is you.

- I will never under any circumstances entertain the idea of working with children, animals, and non-consenting persons - real or fantasy!


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